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TU Darmstadt Welcome Centre supports international researchers by providing both professional advice and practical help in the non-scientific aspects of international research life in Darmstadt.

To help us provide you with good advice, we first ask you to complete this form. With this information we can best address you and your family’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.

When filling out this document we recommend that:


  1. You have to hand the passports or identity cards of all family members to be registered with us to ensure that all personal information is entered accurately.
  2. You provide us with a private email address that we can contact you with for both before and during your research time with us.
  3. You complete all fields marked with an asterisk*.
  4. You submit any stipend confirmation and invitation letters together with this form. Any current German entry visa or German or EU/EWR residence permit should also be submitted now. Then any formalities, e.g. required supporting documentation for entry visas, can be promptly addressed.


In submitting this form and any supporting documentation by email you agree to TU Darmstadt

Welcome Centre storing this information for the purposes of processing your request.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at welcomecentre@tu-darmstadt.de

TU Darmstadt provides international scientists with a designated housing assistance office. For enquires regarding both the university guesthouses and private accommodation for international scientists please browse to: The Housing Assistance Office




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